Elastic Needed For Face Masks

I just received a call from Checker Distributors. They were notified by Dritz that it will be backordered until the middle of April. ☹️ We are now getting more calls for masks, including hospice. This is a copy of my post that I sent out today on my personal Facebook page.

I need your help! My shop has become a drop off location for handmade emergency face masks. Elastic has become very hard to get. We have it on order from Dritz but they are sold out as well and don’t expect it in until the middle of April.
If you don’t sew that’s fine, but can you do this for me. If you have or had a mom or grandma who did sew and they still have a stash of sewing supplies. Could you look through them. We need 1/8”, 1/4”, elastic. But we will also take any size so we can cut it. We can also use Bias tape packages to make the ties for the masks. If you have any of these items and would donate them to our sewers it would be greatly appreciated. We are getting so many calls now asking for the masks. Hospice has now been added to our list of those in need. You can mail it to me, drop it off at the shop we have a drop box on the front porch, my house, or I will drive to pick them up. Thank you for taking the time to look!

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