Notice to Creditors - Jammer - 1/3/24

PUBLICATION NOTICE TO CREDITORS, Decedent’s Trust Estate. State of Michigan, County of Bay. In the Matter of the Margarete L. Jammer Trust dated 6-19-2012. Decedent’s date of birth: 7-25-1932. TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Your interest in this matter may be barred or affected by the following: The decedent, Margarete L. Jammer, lived in Bay County, Auburn, Michigan, and died October 28, 2023. Creditors of the deceased are notified that all decedent’s assets were held by the Trustee at decedent’s death, and the decedent has no probate estate. Creditors of the deceased are further notified that all claims against the trust estate will be forever barred unless presented to: Brenda L. Jammer and Beverly K. Jammer, Co-Trustees and/or Joseph D. Weiler, Jr., Weiler Law Group PLC, the attorney’s office representing the Co-Trustees within 4 months of the publication of this notice. This notice is published pursuant to MCL 700.7608. If a probate estate is opened in the future for the decedent, this notice is intended to satisfy the requirements of MCL 700.3801. Notice is further given that the trust estate will be thereafter assigned and distributed to the persons entitled to it. Date: December 28, 2023. Brenda L. Jammer, 1605 11 Mile Rd., Auburn MI 48611.; Beverly K. Jammer, 1262 West River Rd., Auburn MI 48611; 989-492-0955. Weiler Law Group PLC; Joseph D. Weiler, Jr. P71912; 5820 Eastman Avenue, Midland, MI 48640; 989-492-0955. 1-1

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