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Journal Announces Online Edition

Pinconning Journal Publisher Craig Barnt has announced that the online edition of the 127-year-old paper will be available on Thursday, August 29th. The new website,, will contain all of the articles and stories of the paper edition, as well as photo galleries, community information, and live weather information.

The photo galleries, community calendar, community information, classified ads, and obituaries will be available free of charge, while news, articles, and legal notices will require a subscription to view. Access to this content will be included in all full (paper) subscriptions, or an online-only subscription will be available for $20 per year or $10 for four months.

For the majority of subscribers setting up access is as simple as reading your address label. Simply go to the new website (, then click on “LOGIN” on the top left of the screen. Your temporary Username is the first FOUR letters of your LAST name (red in the graphic) PLUS the first TWO letters of your FIRST name (blue in the graphic) with no spaces. Your temporary password is the LAST four digits of your ZIP Code (green in graphic). Remember to use the information as it appears on your address label on your paper!

Unfortunately, this will not work for all subscribers. Businesses, and those with fewer letters in their name than that required will need to e-mail us at with their name preferred username and email address to obtain a temporary password.

The first time you log in, you will be required to fill in your email address and choose a password of your own, and you may change your username to whatever you wish. BE AWARE that after changing your password, you will be returned to the top of the same screen. You DO NOT have to change your password a second time, simply hit the HOME tab on the left side of the banner.

If you have problems logging in please send us an email at with your name, preferred username, and email address, and we’ll send you a temporary password within 24 hours.

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